Harsh Reality

I'm a rapper, Follow the life i follow.

Its funny knowing…

I’v got less than:

  • 100 christmases left,
  • 100 Birthdays left,
  • 36524 days left,
  • 5217 Weeks,

etc, etc left before i found out if gods gonna show.

I’v fucked up a lot of…

My life at the minute, but i’m having a lot of fun doing it, Becomming really twisted at my outlook at the world, not that it wasn’t slightly turned before, but now-a-days it seems a lot more, and while writing this i just noticed a lot of what i just wrote rhymes, Being a rapper FTW.

What makes you think YOU won’t burn in Hell?

Fresh prince of Hong-Kong

i finally got around to seeing the new Karate Kid and was really pleased to find out that it was the story all about how Jaden Smith’s life got flipped turned upside down. You see, he was chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, shootin g some b ball outside of his school, when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in his neighbourhood.He got in one little fight and his mom got scared! And said “You’re going to learn kung-fu from the maintenance man downstairs


Over the last few months i’v sort of gone a bit nuts… kicking off at people that didnt deserve it, drinking none stop, not sleeping, which i think is the root of the problem…

Working a job, gigging every night, staying awake for 36 hours sleeping for 4 then doing it all over again is’nt good for anybody, but i can gladly say, after getting some mother fucking sleep, i feel briliant, I’m chilled, lyrics are comming easier and i feel a lot more motivated, After the states im gonna chill out with gigs and just work on my mixtape and Bone empires EP (Which is going to sound sick) also possibly gonna release an EP in the comming few days of demo tracks, just to see what people are saying about what i’m doing :) sorry to anyone i’v lashed out at, it was onthing personel, just some shit i was going through!

Insomnia… Good or Bad?

So recently i aint sleeping again, which is a par, but is it? because i’v noticed, when i’m tired i come up with better lyrics easier and more often… i’m also more in the mood for rapping… Curious.

Download Festival 2011!!!

So i went download this year for the fifth time… and i’v gotta say…


Great bands, lots of beer, Smoke, life at download was good!.

Ok, Let me clear a few things up…

This goe’s out to one sh*t spreading parasite known as Anna Howe (follow her if you wish http://annaelizabethhowe.tumblr.com/) and what i mean by this so everything is cleared up is:

She will twist and bend the truth and tell everyother person your & her business, and try to make people fall out with you, However the people that have (Or seemed to be) Let me throw a message at you directly:

  1. Sian Horton

You are a lovely girl and i’m sorry it had to end this way, And as said by many people at college, Anna treats you horrible? In my opinion? She’s alright to you, She loves you warts an all, and thats really ALL YOU NEED FROM A BEST FRIEND.

However… Recently this blonde haired, Small, cute girl is becoming a woman, However as i was when i was a kid, i was hanging out with the OLDER crowd, and as it is a proven fact your personality is based and influenced by the people around you, For example, I got into drug’s, Sex, Drinking etc etc when i was younger because i was hanging round people that did them, As such is the case with you, Sian Horton.

But as i said earlier, i have often called you my Best Girl Friend, and as stated earlier supposed to love you wart’s an all, which i have done and probly would of continued doing, What Warts i hear you ask? Let me lay some down….

  1. Constantly letting me down for gig’s, Practises etc to chill with your boy friend/Anna, Annoying yes but it didnt bother me, The fact that you did it on the day was annoying, but whatever, I’m sure it out balances my changing the plan routine.
  2.  Money, why doe’s it always boil down to money?, Well it doe’snt with me because if it did, i’m pretty sure you and Anna would owe me a lot of it, but the typical thing that’s annoying was, You would go out and blast it all with Anna, buying her thing’s, drinks etc, but whenever we had a gig you had none, and would SCROUNGE them of me and my friends including Jay C, But by the by girls do this.
  3. One of the big ones… You would remeber please i had sexual contact with a girl who will not be named on this blog at one point, out of pure trust i told you and no other person, And made you swear never to tell anybody, And you did, breaking my trust with you, which never truly fixed.

I could go on, but my actual problem isnt really with you, plus you have a lot of nice qualities such as:

  • Being nice and friendly
  • Funny, especially when drunk
  • Giving good massage’s,
  • And easy to push over and sit on.

However the main point is you and Anna come as a pair, and i dont want to know her but anyway lets move on.

      2. Fiona Stephens

"The last person who hurt two of my best friends, if an arrogant, jealous, bullshitting cunt. He spread loads of shit about one of them, has been saying that she said loads of stuff about the other one to break them apart, then said shit to someone else, and he then sent one of them a text going “she’s just using and manipulating you”, to which the other one just broke down in tears, because tbh, if your best friend thinks that (she doesn’t, she knows it’s bullshit, thank fuck), then what’s the point in even trying?

This guy can’t handle the fact that people like them better than him. He’s so arrogant and bullshits about everything and he just pushes people away. He’s going to end up with no friends at all, the way he’s going. He has to put other people down to boost his own ego. I mean, what sort of person is that?!”

Ok Fiona, Let me stop you there,

  • Arrogant? “Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.”

Ok, i agree with you, Exagerate on my abilities? lets say i do, I’m sorry i’m a Musician, who instead of finding faults with myself like you, would rather outline the positive qualities i have, Maybe i’m not as GOOD as i think i am, Or as GOOD LOOKING  as i portray, BUT admit whenever i stated a fact about how good looking or talented i was it made you laugh? Admitedly you were probly thinking “What an arrogant nob” but the same could be said about you, Always picking faults with your self, saying i wish my boob’s were this, My hair was this, i had blah blah blah, isnt funny, its complaining, And annoying. But enough on this point.

P.S Also the fact you push your boob’s out on everypicture is also a sigh of arrogance, Saying “LOOK AT ME I HAVE A GREAT PAIR OF TITS!”, Which apart from one picture i have, i have never took a picture of my “Bulge” or me with my top of tensing up for people to see to combat my own arrogance or insercurities hoping somebody will post “OMFG FITTYY!!!! XXXXX”. 

  • Jealous “Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.”

Really? Me?, Let me break this down for you, Jealous of who? You? Sian? Anna?, ow Fiona, You dont know me at all. I have a beatifull girlfriend, A Car, Two good jobs, a fuck load of money, A very good music career, Good GCSE and Diploma results, getting my own flat in london, My own studio, lots and amazing friends, and I’m jealous? Never. If anything i would say your jealous of Anna & Sian?, You’ve always been kept out of there loop havent you Fiona? Funny how in our made up family i was the dad, Anna was the mum, Sian was our daughter, and in direct words from Anna, you were “The Weird Aunty”, Thats right Fiona, Sian never, But Anna bitched about you know end, Me? i didnt, i never really knew you well enough to bitch, i think the only thing i ever said behind your back was after reading your post and saying to myself "You F*CKING bitch".

Also the way you got with Craig (Sian’s Ex), and Jace (Anna’s Ex) which Anna has often said she’s happy for you but regrets it show’s jealousy towards them both but whatever, As long as your happy knowing that your second best to them, Do you really think you would of been invited to Bradgate park if you didnt drive? Honestly? as long as you can be honest to yourself.

  • Bullshitting “Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.

Do you know me Fiona? Have we been friends since year R, do you know EXACTLY where i’v been, what i’v done, What i’v seen? no, So tell me what you think i’m bullshitting about and i will give you numbers to my friends who can back up my claim.

  • Know for the big paragraph of how Anna “Twists the truth”:

I have not spread any “Shit” about Anna or Sian, If i wanted to i could, your not there half the time Fiona, you dont see the behind the scenes like i do, you dont know what she’s done, been with, but who am i to tell you that? because i would i would then be backing your point. I did not say the other one was bitching about the other one, Although one of them doe’s occasionally, but know on how Anna bends the truth evidence!

"and he then sent one of them a text going “she’s just using and manipulating you”" Did she say that was me Fiona? because FUNNILY ENOUGH i was driving with RICK and CRAIG, whilst RICK text her saying it, The only thing i’v said to her in a text is i want my capo back you parasite, i’m not even gonna bother asking for the money she owe’s me, because i know i wont get it back, and if i did, she probly wouldnt be able to eat and although i hate her, fuck it. And also Rick isnt the only one who has said these things to me Fiona, LOADS OF PEOPLE SAY IT!.

"This guy can’t handle the fact that people like them better than him."

Who Fiona? Who? You, Kris? John?, Not a lot of people actually do, Just i’m the first one who’s said anything, People probly bitch about me to, BUT a lot of them have said they like sian but despise Anna, Here are some people i can say happily like me more than those two (Maybe not Sian but who knows)

  • Everyone of the first years,
  • Jake Smith
  • Lewis Garrod
  • Anal
  • Panda
  • Jordan
  • Lukas
  • Dom

Etc etc, now for Anna & Sian

  • Kris Webb
  • You
  • Keisha

Anymore let me know i’ll update it! and pushing people away? Yer pretty much, But no sweet heart, i got a lot of mates, and the lying, deceitful, leeches in my life, i push away. I dont need any mates in college, Unlike a lot of you i actaully have friends outside of college, Try it. Thats enough for now, Ill upload the rest later.